Company Profile

Promaker Co., Ltd. is professional water dispenser manufacture and exporter in Taiwan.

Our factory has over 20years experience in producing water coolers, water dispensers, water boilers, drinking fountains, R.O. water purifiers---etc. We understand that for the new generation customers, they have more request and strict standard for the drinking water. They not only seek for the vogue and technology, but also request clean and safe water. We understand these desires from the customers, and go forward wholeheartedly to reach these goals.

Because of our technologies and experiences in water dispensers over 20 years, we had created many fashionable and practical drinking water products, to let every user can drink the cleanest water through our products no matter in school, office, restaurant, hospital, factory, public place, even at home. Our factory had passed through ISO-9001 National Quality System Certification. Many of our products had passed through CE standard, Water Dispenser Certification (CNS3910), Appliance Safety Certification (CNS3765), Electromagnetic Compatible Certification (CNS13783-1), Electrical Appliance Safety Certification (IEC60335-2-15)---etc. Our factory has more than 20 patents on our designs. BTW, we have outstanding OEM/ODM abilities to fulfill any unique requirements from the whole world. We had exported our water dispensers to many countries in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. Not only good products quality, but also fast/ reliable after sales services are important to the customers. We offer clear technical data, installation guide, construction graph and spare parts list to our customers to let them understand our products more clearly after getting and using our water dispensers. If customers have any questions or problems, we will try to solve right away. All of our products have 2years warranty.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, we believe Promaker Co., Ltd. will be your good partner and supplier if you want to purchase/ import water dispensers for your market.