Plumbed in type water dispensers with filter
CJ-535: Plumbed in type digital water dispenser

CJ-535: Plumbed in type digital water dispenser


  • The heating and cooling system are controlled by full function digital controller.

  • With the function of automatic detecting water leakage.

  • With the function of automatic recording the setting parameter when power is suddenly off.

  • Water tower no pressure design with automatic water inflow function.

  • With heat exchange system. Warm and cold water are boiled by heater before cooling down. User will not drink any un-boiled water.

  • With re-boil push button which can boil the hot water in short time.

  • With “Power”, “Water Level”, “Heating” and “Cooling” indicator.

  • High brightness LED display can show hot water temperature, room temp. water temperature and cold water temperature.

  • LED can show total using time, so that user can judge the machine using life.

  • Damage code display: If the water level is unusual, the LED will show “105”. If the temp. sensor is unusual, the LED will show “103”.

  • Big water tray which you can put big cup on it.

  • Long distance between water faucets and water tray, which is convenient for bottle filling.

  • Spill-proof design for water tray net, which prevent water from spilling out easily.

  • The front feet are with adjustable screw which can adjust the machine height to fit the ground.

  • High effective and quiet working compressor charging with R-134A refrigerant which meet with environment protection.

  • Big water storage capacity. Big heating tank 15L.

  • The hot water faucet is with safety lever. It can avoid children scalded by hot water if children use the dispenser carelessly.

  • Filters are built inside (10” 5 micron PP fiber x 1, 10” CTO activated carbon x 1.) (If you want to move out the filters, it is also available.).

  • RO filtration system is optional.







Water tank capacity

Water capacity

(Tank is full of water)

Water capacity

(Continue use)



Hot & Warm. & cold water

43 x 45.5/+water tray55.5 x 134.5

Heating: 750W

Cooling: 170W

Hot: 15L

Warm: 5L

Cold: 3L

Hot: 23L/hour

Warm: 13L/hour

Cold: 13L/hour

Hot: 8L/hour

Warm: 8L/hour

Cold: 10L/hour